Keep The Cold Out

Winter workwear is a crucial consideration for individuals whose professions demand outdoor activities in cold and harsh conditions. In such environments, the right gear can make all the difference in terms of comfort, safety, and productivity

We supply Beeswift’s thermal clothing which is designed with a focus on insulation and heat retention, ensuring that individuals can perform their tasks efficiently even in the coldest climates. The use of advanced materials and technologies allows these garments to provide superior warmth without sacrificing mobility or comfort. This is particularly important for those who work in construction, agriculture, outdoor maintenance, or any other field where exposure to low temperatures is a constant concern.

One of the standout features of Beeswift’s thermal clothing is its versatility. The range includes various options such as thermal base layers, insulated jackets, and thermal coveralls, catering to the diverse needs of workers across different industries. The base layers serve as the foundation, providing a snug fit close to the body to trap and retain heat. Meanwhile, insulated jackets and coveralls offer additional layers of protection, shielding workers from the biting cold and wind.

Beeswift’s commitment to quality is evident in the choice of materials for their thermal clothing. Durable fabrics with excellent insulating properties ensure longevity and reliable performance in challenging conditions. These garments are often designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, providing an extra layer of defence against winter elements such as snow and sleet.

Beyond the functional aspects, Beeswift also recognises the importance of ensuring that thermal workwear is designed with the user in mind. Features such as strategically placed pockets, adjustable cuffs, and ventilation options are integrated into the garments to enhance practicality and ease of use. This user-centric approach reflects an understanding of the diverse needs and preferences of workers who rely on these garments for their daily tasks.

Contact us today to discuss your outdoor workwear requirements – From insulated jackets to thermal base layers, we supply products that are designed to keep workers warm, comfortable, and safe in the harshest winter conditions

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If you happen to be seated at a desk as you read this, look around. If your workstation is typical, and you can see a proliferation of cables, the small cost of getting proactive with cable management should make a big difference!

Aside the look of lazy inefficiency, cable spaghetti on worktops – or under feet – can make cleaning impossible, being a breeding ground for mite allergens. Other consequences of the health & safety neglect can be yet more serious, potentially devastating. Then there’s the chance of restless feet getting entangled, to disconnect adjacent monitors and sending I.T Managers into panic.

Consider too how approximately three-thousand fires occur annually in UK from hazardous plugs, cables and socket blocks. Common causes include overloaded extension sockets, while knotted wires, split cable insulation, and trips from tugs on cable ends, can all lead copper conductor strands to snap and become heat spots that are a potential fire hazard. And 240v electrocutions can kill.

Then there is the constant danger posed by cables being trip wires; the risk of injury made greater by the fact our personal workspaces have reduced in space. It is little wonder how cable litigations have increased in recent years

Even needing to pick fallen cables off the floor, or go searching behind desks, can become a pain that wastes time.

The good news is that sorting cables can be incredibly easy, and inexpensive too!

We partner with D-Line, a UK cable management company offering full ranges of affordable solutions that require no electrical competence. Most products simply retro-fit around existing wires or socket blocks.

D-Line Floor Cable Protectors have a rear cavity that can fit over cables, with the tapered topside being pedestrian and wheelchair friendly. They are ideal for addressing trip hazards in areas with regular foot-traffic. The lengths are supplied coiled in a box, but easily uncoil to lay flat. Though supplied as 1.8 metre or 9 metre lengths, versions are available with push-in and pull-out connector pins that enable any length of cable to be covered!

In keeping with the D-Line ethos for cable management solutions that are simple to use, D-Line Socket Enclosures provide a smart way to contain socket blocks and cable clutter under desks or on desktops.

There are options available for popular 4 and 6 gang sockets. All have three cable entry or exit slots at rear, so cables can be routed as required. Produced in UK, and fully safety tested, the robust D-Line Socket Enclosures have a stylish design to complement modern workplaces.

Cables from Socket Enclosures can be neatly gathered in a choice of Cable Tidy Tubes, ideal for containing cables dropping behind desks too.

To keep floor space cable-free, it only takes a few minutes to attach a Cable Tidy Tray underside a desk. A template is included to locate brackets, which can be secured by the screws or adhesive tape strips provided. With the Brackets in place, users simply Clip the Tray onto the brackets. As easy as A,B,C, the D-Line Cable Tray can accommodate popular 4 or 6-way socket blocks, with plugs being accessible and the floor uncluttered.

On a desk top, peel-and-stick D-Line Cable Tidy Clips, and Bases, can both keep cables in place – so eliminating wasted time! To gather loose cables, attach cables to desk legs or around VDU risers for example; the D-Line hook and loop Cable Tidy Band is a perfect solution that is multi-purpose and re-usable.

Note D-Line is named after inventing ‘D’- shaped and linear trunking systems. These non-metallic strips can peel and stick to desks, or office walls. Lengths have a latching hinged and click-lock lid that makes it easy to add or remove cables.

It is appreciated how cables supplying equipment in modern workplaces make our work easier and more productive. To fulfil such best intentions requires however that we ensure those cables are used in ways that respect the contribution that effective cable management can make to health & safety, ergonomics, efficiency and productivity!



From complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to making the working day more productive, filing and archiving systems are an invaluable asset to business operations. Most offices continue to house a significant amount of essential paperwork that cannot be recycled or destroyed in the short to medium term.

From contracts, licences and certificates to legal, financial and personal data, organisations are legally required to keep a wide range of paperwork for several years. While the length of time to store different types of documents differs across Europe, and personal data should not be kept any longer than necessary, keeping paperwork safely and securely is more important now than it has ever been.

A sustainable and robust answer to records storage is premium storage boxes. These offer the dual benefits of a recycled and recyclable solution that aligns with environmental goals, and robust design for long term use.



GDPR has made the correct storage of personal data a huge priority for every organisation that manages it. Businesses are responsible for keeping data safe, secure and auditable, and this includes keeping confidential papers properly stored, away from prying eyes.

Leaving paperwork on workstations or on shared surfaces in an office can have consequences, but it appears organisations aren’t always as careful as they should be. The penalties facing businesses that experience a data breach can include significant financial fines, damage to reputation and loss of customer trust, yet Fellowes research has found that 50% of people have seen confidential or personal data left unattended in an office.

Effective filing and archiving reduce the risk of paperwork being viewed or picked up by unauthorised individuals.


Improved storage can free up a significant amount of space, helping organisations manage their resources better and releasing floor areas for other uses. The simple act of placing files and paperwork into improved storage can even support cost effective growth, by providing extra space for more employees and reducing the need for new premises. Solutions that achieve a high level of space saving include heavy-duty storage boxes and stacking storage units, which can be stacked up to seven boxes high. Their plastic and steel frames can interlock horizontally and vertically, ensuring optimum strength and safety.


With increased productivity a priority for organisations across Europe, helping people to work quickly and efficiently is important, and this includes time spent looking for documents.

The need to locate paperwork easily has also become more paramount since GDPR came into force. This gives people a right to request details of any personal data held on them and requires organisations to comply with data access or acceptable data deletion requests.

Time spent looking for paperwork can be eliminated by keeping paperwork and files in the right kind of storage system. For easier paperwork access, system file stores are versatile units that can be used horizontally or vertically, with or without drawers. These can store A4 files, magazine files, lever arch files and ring binders, and are ideal for paperwork that needs to be accessed regularly.

Creating a clear, logical and consistent labelling approach is important. Colleagues should agree and use one labelling system so that any user can quickly identify and locate files. A large labelling area at the front of the drawers helps to achieve this.



The holiday season is upon us, and the office is no exception to the festive cheer. But balancing work and holiday spirit can be a challenge.

Setting the Stage for a Merry Office

Creating a festive atmosphere at the workplace can boost morale. Consider tasteful decorations that promote inclusivity, and organize team-building activities with holiday themes. Strengthening workplace relationships can lead to a more joyful office environment.

Managing Workloads and Deadlines

The holiday season often comes with increased workloads. Assess your tasks, prioritize them, and set realistic goals to avoid burnout. Effective time management is crucial to maintain productivity and meet deadlines.

Navigating Office Etiquette

Office parties and gift exchanges are common during the holiday season. Know the do’s and don’ts to ensure your behaviour is appropriate and considerate. Organize gift swaps and choose thoughtful presents for your colleagues.

Staying Healthy and Mindful

Managing stress is vital during this time. Explore mindfulness techniques to cope with work pressure. Don’t forget your health – maintain wellness with office fitness and nutrition tips.

Using the Festive Season for Professional Growth

Year-end gatherings offer excellent networking opportunities. Maximize these events to expand your professional network. Reflect on the past year and set career objectives for the year ahead.

Remote Work Considerations

For remote workers, staying connected during the holidays is essential. Engage in virtual office parties and strike a balance between family and work responsibilities.

Holiday Gifting and Giving Back

Choose the right gifts for your colleagues and consider office charity initiatives. Embrace corporate social responsibility by supporting charitable efforts and giving back to the community.

Remember to embrace the holiday spirit in the office while maintaining professionalism. By following these tips and tricks, you can navigate the festive season with ease, ensuring a joyful and successful experience for yourself and your colleagues. Here’s to a happy and productive holiday season in the workplace!



While working from home has many advantages there are also some downsides to it. Most home office workplaces are not as properly equipped as regular offices – especially when it comes to adjustable desks and chairs. This can result in back aches, neck problems, shoulder soreness and many other issues caused by bad posture. This guide will support you to set up an ergonomic home office with simple tips.

Sitting-Standing Dynamics for a healthier Workplace

Variety is key for a healthy mix during your work day. The ideal share of working positions during the day is 60% sitting, 30% standing and 10% moving.

Standing up for 15 minutes per hour while you work will burn 20,000 more calories per year. This corresponds to 6 full marathons a year and will make you healthier and happier.

More Advantages of Working while Standing are:

•     Less fatigue at work

•     Higher concentration

•     Faster reaction times

•     Saves time resulting in higher productivity

•     Brain performance improves

•     Trains the back and leg muscles to relieve pressure on the spine

•     Decrease in neck tension and back problems

•     Prevention of cardiovascular disease by stimulating the heart and blood circulation

•     Higher motivation and job satisfaction with less absenteeism

Try Active Sitting with the Leitz Ergo Cosy Sit Stand Stool 2 in 1

The Leitz Ergo Sit Stand Stool allows the flexibility to move between sitting and standing while you work, encouraging muscle movement, improving posture and increasing energy levels. You can burn extra calories by swivelling and rocking while you work and the height of the stool height can be easily adjusted. 2 in 1 as you can adjust the height to a perfect sitting height similar to an office chair but also to a perfect standing support height with a significant higher range than other standard stools.


Fighting for a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean.

At the beginning of the year The Pilot Pen Company (UK) Ltd were delighted to announce its continued environmental commitment by partnering up with the Marine Conservation Society. The UK’s leading ocean charity fights for cleaner, better-protected seas through working with government, industry and education.

For Pilot, this partnership is part of a real ongoing environmental policy. In 2006, the brand launched its Begreen range of pens which are all made from a minimum of 70% from recycled plastic.

In 2009, it was the turn of B2P (Bottle to Pen) to enter the market, a pen made of recycled bottles. And, in 2021, for the first time in the world, the B2P range went one step further in the “From bottle to pen” logic, as part of its composition, the pens would now include 2.5% plastic waste recovered from oceans and beaches.

Starting in January 2023 The Pilot Pen Company (UK) Ltd committed to making a donation of 5p from the sale of every B2P Gel rollerball and B2P Ecoball across all business channels to the Marine Conservation Society. Both pens are refillable, and made of at least 89% recycled plastic bottles, of which 2.5% are recycled ocean plastic. To date Pilot have donated over £10,000 to the charity.

“We’re proud to be partnering with the Marine Conservation Society with both our B2P pens and Begreen range. We hope the contribution made through sales will go towards aiding the charity in its amazing work, from beach cleans through to their education programmes.” Said Adam Smith, Marketing Manager at Pilot Pen.

At the start of September 2023, a dedicated team from Pilot Pen UK took part in their first collaborative beach clean in Southend-on-Sea. In just one hour, along a 100m stretch of shoreline, they collected 1665 items, with 71% being plastic and polystyrene

85% of the Pilot Begreen writing instruments are refillable and using a refill when the ink runs out, rather than an entire new pen reduces the amount of single-use plastics in daily life.

Refilling a pen also brings a reduction in greenhouse gases as manufacturing an entire pen produces more CO2 than just a refill. Since 2010, Pilot have reduced quantities of virgin plastic by over 80% by using recycled plastic and FSC-certified cardboard and the Begreen range is available with 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.

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